Chowan County Cemeteries


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GPS Coordinates

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Ashley Cemetery

from Hwy 32/Virginia Rd turn on Cisco Rd and the cemetery will be in the field next to 308 B Cisco Rd.

36.19581 N
76.64602 W

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Edward D Ashley Cemetery

723 Sandy Ridge Rd

36.19953 N
76.62524 W

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Ballards Bridge Baptist Church Cemetery

3025 Hwy 32/Virginia Rd

36.24500 N
76.65680 W

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Beaver Hill Cemetery

from Hwy 17 take Exit 226 and go to W Albermarle St and the cemetery will be on the left between Reginald & Mary Ave and Mosely St.

36.06690 N
76.61530 W

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Benbury Cemetery

270 Yeopim Rd

36.03.26 N
76.35.24 W

Coming Soon!

Benbury Cemetery

612 Yeopim Rd

36.03.18 N
76.33.28 W

Coming Soon!

Hosie Luther Bond Cemetery

1330 Macedonia Rd

36.12280 N
76.66530 W

Coming Soon!

Boyce Cemetery

from Virginia Rd/Hwy 32 turn on Icaria Rd then turn on Fork Rd the cemetery will be in the field across from the 1st dirt rd.

36.24681 N
76.63216 W

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Boyce-Smith Cemetery

803 Happy Home Rd

36.26409 N
76.61784 W

Coming Soon!

Bunch Cemetery

148 Selwin Road

36 18.658 N
76 35.064 W

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Alexander Bunch Cemetery

from Center Hill Rd turn on Happy Home Rd take the 2ns road to the right and follow it through the field to the cemetery..

36.22767 N
76.62387 W

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Edward H Bunch Cemetery

about 1/2 way of Beech Fork Rd in a field

36.15065 N
76.69129 W

Coming Soon!

Elisha Bunch Cemetery

447 Gliden Rd behind white building next to brick home.

36 18.662 N
76 35.956 W

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Ephraim Bunch Cemetery


Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Frederick Bunch Cemetery

White's Landing Rd in the slight curve in the field

36.16827 N
76.71639 W

Coming Soon!

Isiah Bunch Cemetery

on Center Hill Rd about 1/2 way between Yellow Hammer Rd & Happy Home Rd

36.22095 N
76.62738 W

Coming Soon!

J W Bunch Cemetery

on the side of Selwin Rd

36.31094 N
76.58414 W

Coming Soon!

Bunch-Byrum Cemetery

on Icaria Rd behind a home in the field about 1/2 way between Fork Rd and Happy Home Rd.

36.25372 N
76.62508 W

Coming Soon!

Bunch-Hollowell Cemetery

449 Selwin Road

36 19.975 N
76 35.132 W

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Burke-White Cemetery

in the field at the intersection of Center Hill Rd and County Line Rd. Will be to the left if you are on County Line Rd.

36.21491 N
76.60512 W

Coming Soon!

Copeland Byrum Cemetery

243 Sign Pine Rd in field to the right of the home

36 17.375 N
76 37.351 W

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Isaac Byrum Cemetery

on the corner of Ryland Rd & Eason Rd

36.29693 N
76.62786 W

Coming Soon!

Byrum-Morris Cemetery

from Hwy 32/Virginia Rd turn on Cannon's Ferry Rd then right on Dillard's Mill Rd and the cemetery will be in the field to the left before River Acres Rd.

36.26493 N
76.67024 W

Coming Soon!

Canaan Temple AME Zion Church Cemetery

1031 Yeopim Rd

36.06580 N
76.52615 W

Coming Soon!

Center Hill Baptist Church Cemetery

936 Sandy Ridge Rd

36.21170 N
76.61260 W

Coming Soon!

Center Hill Chapel Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery

Sandy Ridge Rd

36.20388 N
76.62253 W

Coming Soon!

Rufus K Dail Cemetery

on Fork Road a quarter mile down a path.

36.23684 N
76.63182 W

Coming Soon!

Edenton Baptist Church Cemetery

200 S Granville St

36.06020 N
76.61170 W

Coming Soon!

Edenton United Methodist Church Cemetery

on the corner of E Church St and N Church St

36.06044 N
76.60444 W

Coming Soon!

Benjamin Lawrence Evans Cemetery

2324 Virginia Rd/Hwy 32

36.19510 N
76.66010 W

Coming Soon!

Evans-Hollowell Cemetery

322 Fork Rd

36.14.51 N
76.37.52 W

Coming Soon!

Felton Cemetery

Rocky Hook Rd in a field

36.15512 N
76.68006 W

Coming Soon!

Forehand-Boyce Cemetery

329 Yellow Hammer Rd

36.14.13 N
76.37.29 W

Coming Soon!

Goodwin Cemetery

off Center Hill Rd in a field.

36.22743 N
76.62518 W

Coming Soon!

Griffin Cemetery

1720 County Line Rd

36 19.287 N
76 33.739 W

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Happy Home Church Cemetery

534 Happy Home Rd

36.24720 N
76.61410 W

Coming Soon!

Happy Home Community Cemetery

off Happy Home Rd in a field.

36.24494 N
76.61113 W

Coming Soon!

Harrell Cemetery

on Brayhall Rd in a field.

36.12035 N
76.64345 W

Coming Soon!

Harrell-Tynch Cemetery

209 White's Landing Rd.

36.10.12 N
76.42.48 W

Coming Soon!

Harrell-White Cemetery

235 Tynch Town Rd

36.15673 N
76.70978 W

Coming Soon!

Hawkins Chapel AME Zion Church Cemetery

on the corner of Virginia Rd/Hwy 32 and Wildcat Rd behind a seafood store.

36.08516 N
76.63037 W

Coming Soon!

Charity Holley Cemetery

405 County Line Rd

36.23307 N
76.59577 W

Coming Soon!

Hollowell Cemetery

on the corner of Ryland Rd & Eason Rd

36.27225 N
76.36926 W

Coming Soon!

Jacob N Hudson Cemetery

on Hwy 32/Virginia Rd right before the intersectioon of Ryland Rd & Cannon's Ferry Rd

36.26443 N
76.65550 W

Coming Soon!

Edward Hurdle Cemetery

Across the street from 2038 County Line Rd. You will see the flag pole and the headstone is there.

36 20.614 N
76 33.671 W

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John Q A Hurdle Cemetery

1720 County Line Rd

36 19.275 N
76 33.792 W

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Elsbery Jordan Cemetery

Jordan Loop Rd in a field.

36.27376 N
76.59649 W

Coming Soon!

George W Jordan Cemetery

412 Sign Pine Rd

36 18.041 N
76 37.225 W

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Isaac Jordan Cemetery

Yellowhammer Rd

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

J Walter Jordan Cemetery

218 Jehu Rd

36 17.246 N
76 35.681 W

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Cader McClenney Cemetery

on Riverby Farm Rd in a field.

36.13495 N
76.68936 W

Coming Soon!

Nixon Cemetery

1635-B County Line Rd

36 18.945 N
76 34.112 W

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Parks Cemetery

547 Gliden Rd follow path between 2 homes next to Sandra's Garden, go down path thru the field, cemetery will be on the left about 1/2 way of the fields in a little clearing on the wooded side.

36 18.451 N
76 36.215 W

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Harvey Perry Cemetery

on County Line Rd beside the road

36.23090 N
76.59630 W

Coming Soon!

Randolph Cemetery

1635-B County Line Rd follow path past grain bins, go in driveway of the house, cut across the yard right beside the ditch past the trailer, you will see the stones ahead on the left next to the ditch. Overgrown, junked vehicles and other debris around cemetery.

36 18.858 N
76 34.275 W

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Rountree-Stallings Cemetery

Across the street from 2038 County Line Rd. Go on path beside grain bins about 1/10 of a mile from 2038 County Line Rd, follow path around to cemetery. If crops are grown up it is first path to the left after you turn by the grain bins.

36 20.614 N
76 33.671 W

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Isaac Smith Cemetery

on the corner of Emporer Landing Rd & Sandy Terrace Dr

36.06510 N
76.67120 W

Coming Soon!

Elisha D Twine Cemetery

427 Ryland Rd

36.27674 N
76.62646 W

Coming Soon!

Dorsey C Ward Cemetery

244 Sign Pine Rd

36 17.332 N
76 37.241 W

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Noah Ward Cemetery

211 Sign Pine Rd take path next to 2 story house that is overgrown with vines, follow path around to back of field. You will see cemetery on the left.

36 17.101 N
76 37.543 W

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Ward-Winslow Cemetery

4317 Virginia Rd

36 19.686 N
76 37.986 W

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Warwick Baptist Church Cemetery

4314 Virginia Rd

36 19.678 N
76 37.930 W

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White Cemetery

547 Gliden Road in middle of the field

36 18.448 N
76 35.565 W

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