Chowan County 1717 NC Early Census

This is a listing of the 1717 NC Early census in Chowan County. I have transcribed the names EXACTLY as they appear on the census records. This census transcription is complete and as accurate as the original census takers wrote it down. Any errors or omissions are not on my part.

These are indexes only. I have no further information on them.

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Richard Alban
Anthony Alexander
John Alston
David Ambross
John Ames
Robert Anderson
John Arthur
Edward Arundell
Thomas Ashley
David Atkins
Moses Baker
William Baker
Thomas Ball
Charles Barber
John Barfield
Richard Barfield
James Barrow
Richard Batchelor
Jonathan Bateman
Thomas Bateman
James Beasley
Jane Benbury
Alexander Bengall
John Bently
Ephraim Benton
Thomas Betterley
John Birkett
Aron Blanchard
Benjamin Blanchard
Ephraim Blanchard
Abraham Blewett
Ann Blount
Benjamin Blount
Jacob Blount
James Blount Jr
John Blount
John Blount Sr
Henry Bonner
William Bonner
James Boon
Henry Bradly
Fra. Branch
William Brasswell
John Braveboy
Thomas Bray
Edward Brian
James Brian Sr
John son of Ed Brian
Lewis Brian
Matthew Brian
Mic. Brinkly
Ph. Brown
William Burt
Richard Burtenhall
John Bush
William Bush
Wo. Byrd
Patrick Cannady
Richard Cannady
Matthew Capps
Orlando Champion
William Charlton
John Cheshire
Richard Church
Rebecca Clark
Thomas Clark
John Clay
Edward Cockerell
John Cook
William Copeland
William Cranfield
Thomas Crank
Nicholas Crisp
Vines Cropley
John Crossley
William Curlee
Thomas Davis
Daniel Dean
John Dew
John Dickson
Powder Drinkwater
William Duckenfield
Chr. Dudley
Arthur Dugall
John Early
William Early
John Edwards Sr
Patrick Eggerton
Benjamin Evans
John Evans
RObert of Petty Shore Evans
Robert Evans
Nat. Everitt
James Fairchild
James Farlow
Robert Fenley
Nicholas Ferrill
Robert Fewox
James Fleming
Benjamin Foreman
Moses Foxworth
William Frilie
William Frost
William Gainy
William Gainy Jr
Daniel Garrett
Thomas Garrett Jr
Thomas Garrett Sr
Charles Gavin
Joseph Gilbord
Charles Glover
Benjamin Godson
John Golding
John Goodin
John Goreham
William Grady
Peter Gray
John Hale
Daniel Hallsy
Thomas Haly
Jacob Hardy
John Hardy
William and son Harris
Daniel Harrison
Thomas Harrison
John Hassell
George Haughton
Thomas Haughton
William Haughton
James Hawkins
Thomas HAwksin
Da. Henderson
Noah Henry
Samuel Herring
William Herritage
David Hicks
Robert Hicks
Thomas Hicks
Jacob Hill
John Hill
Moses Hill
William Hill
Thomas Hoath
Lazarus Hobby
Framcis Hobson
Frederick Hofman
John Hollbrook
William Hooker Jr
Arnold Hopkins
Peter Hord
Richard Horn
Thomas Hoskins
Edward Howard
Edward Howcutt
Joseph Hudson
John Jennet
Thomas Jernegan
Abell Johnson
Susan Johnson
Thomas Johnson
Alfred Jones
Charles Jones
David Jones
John Jones Jr
Kilmany Jones
Thomas Jones
William Jones
Wo. Jones
John Jordan
Solomon Jordan
William Keel
John Kfalconar
Thomas Kirk
James Kooper
Robert Lanier
George Lasseter
Robert Lasseter
Patrick Lawly
Thomas Lee
Jacob Lewis
Richard Lewis
Ann Lillington
Joames Long
Wo. Long
Con. Luten
Thomas Luten Jr
Thomas Luten Sr
Henry Lysle
Jeffry Lysle
Daniel Magee
Laurence Mague
Richard Malpass
Thomas Mandrew
Thomas Mann
William Maule
Thomas May
Timothy McCarty
Fr. McClendon
Thomas McClendon
Michael McWilliams
Luke Meazle
Catherine Modby
Edward Moore
Nathan Moore
Richard Moore
William Morris
Edward Moseley
Thomas Muns
John Nairne
John Odam
Moses Oliver
Samuel Padget
John Pain
Jane Parker
Peter Parker
Peter Parker Jr
Edward Patchett
William Patchett
Robert Paterson
William Peirce
Cuth. Phelps
Edward Phelps
Richard Pickrin
John Plowman
Thomas Pollock
Joseph Proter
Mary Porter
Fra. Pridgin
John Purcell
Martin Rasor
William Reddit
Benjamin Rickes
Charles Ricketts
John Robinson
Samuel Rodiwalt
Thomas Rogers
Richard Rose
Fra. Roundtree
Thomas Roundtree
Edward Russell
James Rutland
Wm and Mother Sadler
John Sessions
John Sheller
Robert Sherwood
John Shivers
Benjamin Simpson
James Singleton
Joseph Skettlethorp
William Skoyles
Asia Smethwick
Edmond Smethwick
Edward Smethwick Jr
John Smethwick
Fra. Smith
James Smith
John of Chinkapin Smith
Wo. Smith
Richard and son Sowell
Henry Speller
George Spivey
Thomas Spivey Sr
Benjamin Spivy
Jacob Spivy
Godfrey Spruill
Samuel Spruill
Charles Stacy
Thomas Stacy
John Stancell
Edward Standon
Jonathan Stanly
Thopmas Steely
William Steely
William Steward
Sarah Suton
John Comrade Swaimer
Matthew Job Swaimer
John Swain
John Swinson
Richard Swinson
William Swinson
William Tanner
Edward Taylor
Lazarus Thomas
William Thomson
Joseph Trowell
Timothy Trulove
George Turnedge
Jeremiah Vail
Christopher Vanluven
Jonathan Volloway
Robert Walburton
John Walsh
Phil Walston
William Walston
James Ward
John Ward
Philb. Ward
John Warr
Thomas Warr
Richard Washington
John Watson
William Watson
Peter West
Robert West
Thomas West
Henry Wheeler
George and son White
John White Jr
John White St
Luke White
Charles Wilkins
James Wilkinson
Anthony Williams
Arthur Williams
Edward Williams
John Williams
Michael Williams
Pilgrim Williams
Samuel Michael Williams
Theo. Williams
William Williamson
William Willson
Edward Wood
Samuel Woodward
Captain Worlye
John Worlye
Thomas Wyley
Thomas Yates
William Yates
John Yelverton
Christopher Zhen

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